Profile & Process

Lynda Portrait + church


Lynda Harris is a British Landscape Architect based in Paris with projects throughout France and the UK.  She has fourteen years experience of garden and landscape design, of which ten have been spent working in France. She has worked for world-renowned garden designers including Dan Pearson in London and Louis Benech in Paris.

“My love of plants, of wild places and the charm of a garden designed perfectly for its surroundings, all strongly influence my design philosophy.  Gardens and nature bring such calm and harmony into our busy lives.  My objective is to create emotionally uplifting places that bring people back in touch with their local environment, ecology and the change of seasons.  I like to use local materials and construction methods alongside a naturalistic planting style that ensures the site is in harmony with the wider landscape.  The human aspect of landscape design is also very important to me, including gaining a thorough understanding of my client’s requirements and lifestyle, analysing the use of existing and proposed buildings and working closely with plant nurseries and craftsmen to create the finished project.”

Lynda has a masters degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Greenwich (2002) London and a BA in Sociology from the University of Essex (1992).  She is the great-niece of British Landscape Architect, Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe and his wife and collaborator Susan Jellicoe and is organising an exhibition about their work to be held at the Garden Museum in London.  She leads garden tours for Susan Worner Tours and the Chateau of Courances and writes her blog ‘Jardins à l’Anglaise‘.  She is also a coordinator for Open Gardens / Jardins Ouvert, a French version of the National Garden Scheme.

She is a member of the Federation Française de Paysage, the French equivalent of the British Landscape Institute.


Lynda offers a range of design services which she tailors to the needs of each client. Whether you are looking for inspiration, a redesign of your existing planting or a complete transformation, she is very happy to help and advise you on the services you may need.  Lynda is biligual in French, has worked in the French landscape industry for 9 years and so can help smooth the way finding and negotiating with local contractors, surveyors, plant nurseries, suppliers and artisans.  The usual design process is listed below but each project is different and not every stage may be necessary or appropriate.

Typical Design Stages

1.  Initial site visit and consultation

2.  Survey and clarification of the brief

3.  Initial sketch design

4.  Detailed design

5.  Production of design drawings, construction and planting

6.  Tendering for local landscape contractors and artisans

7.  Site supervision for construction and planting

8.  Completion

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project further.